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In HCMC recently held a conference on tourism. During this conference, many representatives of tourist companies also warned of the price that Vietnam may be tradeoffs by tourism operators. Although compared with the developed countries in the area of ​​tourism as Thailand, the Vietnam tourism is still far ahead.
According to a company representative said tourism is the state of the restaurant, the hotel has chopped rampant, defacing beaches Vietnam. The director said: “The coastal palm forest area in Mui Ne, Phan Thiet has disappeared to make way for hotels, hostels. It is Vietnam’s most beautiful coconut forest, was supposed to be maintained for cooling eye travelers to Mui Ne. “diem-du-lich-mui-ne_du-lich-viet

Pollution in Halong Bay, Phu Quoc Phan Dinh Hue also director of travel company VTV set out in this conference. According to Hue, Halong Bay and Ocean beaches Dong, Phu Quoc now full of garbage, bottles, plastic bags … and the scum of oil discharged from boats carrying tourists back and forth.

A lot of the most famous tourist sites in Vietnam are also mentioned with pity words, as is the village of Sapa was “concrete,” Dalat no longer be wild, romantic …

Phan Dinh Hue also said that, the Vietnam “eat on tour without incurring nature should foster unsustainable development.”

We can say all the words above alarm was sounding from tens of years. The old idea warnings repeated countless times, still never gets old.

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