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Phan Thiet City and about 15km north of the resort of Mui Ne. Five years ago, the sea is becoming more popular by many foreigners come here to … settle.
Lap village in coastal city

Ms. Tran Thi Van Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, Ham Tien Ward, Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan said: “Previously, the beach at Mui Ne few tourists because people do not know this place. From October 1998, when in Phan Thiet with eclipse occurs, there are many foreigners like Britain, Russia, Germany, France … come here to watch this interesting phenomenon and they found out there beautiful and clean beaches. Then one time, just about October is that they come here to avoid malaria. A few years ago, many foreigners come here to live and trade. Someone fluent than natives “.

Dannio are selling clothes to tourists
Dannio are selling clothes to tourists

According to our understanding, alien to Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan to do business and that they formed the eastern village of foreigners. Not difficult to encounter along the Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, Phan Thiet is the overseas sales business of resort (general area restaurants, hotels, swimming pools …) or teaching foreign languages ​​for indigenous people demand for language learning.

Anh Minh, hoteliers Gio Bien Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, said: “In Phan Thiet mainly British and Russian Far East. They to Binh Thuan to teach aerobics, surfing, skydiving, cooking … Another one to trade and … married Vietnam. Many foreigners are also “Monster” to be married to one wife Vietnam familiar to Vietnamese people. The people of this area is often called the West Village or Village foreigner “.

West Village look around we see a lot of foreign business people in the coastal city. In a row of massage, nail (manicure, pedicure) along the ocean, Irina (Russian) tell us, she went to Vietnam employed was three years, due to her mastery stores with facial massage, hairdressing, manicure pedicure. Arrivals shop mostly Vietnamese tourists and foreigners to the coastal city. Prices in shops are not expensive, so a lot of people look to.

Irina adds: “Initially unfamiliar business so I do not have first months interest. From May 2nd to the store, the customer know the new contract, the contract on. In this coastal city, the price of everything is not expensive, but the tourist coastal city but everything is pleasant, there is not much beauty shop this way, we also attract many visitors. Many foreigners to travel, see my open beauty shop is very interesting, the next day they talk and beauty … “.

Irina “Unveiled”, adding that her boyfriend is also in this seaside town and is doing sea surf instructor, per month and earn many thousands of dollars. She said she also has a Russian beauty shop, but after a tour in Mui Ne, Phan Thiet, she noticed that the business can be here. So is her “adventure” full incremental capital to invest in stores, rent for business premises. The first day, Irina had to ask a friend in Vietnam help to make the procedure as business license, negotiating to rent, repair shops … And now she speaks Vietnamese very well, there Vietnam can communicate with maturity, said bidder shopping and also taught the Vietnamese school sweetheart again.


West boys selling well …

West Village has many foreign couples and business lives. Every day, after the children on the bus to go to school in Phan Thiet City International School, they embark on work and business. Some foreign business people here also rent both Vietnam to sales, even with foreigners travel case sales for the Vietnamese hired again.

Tran Thu Minh (Ham Tien Ward, Phan Thiet) said: “I’ve got time on the Russian business to Russian business and I also know that party. Back to Vietnam, I do not know what to do when a person you invite General stores open at Mui Ne. We’re hiring a Russian girl selling souvenirs in the evening, because many tourists this time should be reinforced sellers. This girl is the new graduate school, travel to Vietnam, but like “challenge” business should want to sell at my shop … “.

In the neighborhood there are many foreigners in signboards and road signs are written in full here in English and Russian, many people come here to live and how proficient way trade as Vietnam. At the cafe Jo’se we see Maria (British) is … pay money motorbike from Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street on Doi Duong beach. She said: “Sang was a while ago so I know how to pay motorbike and shopping centers.” In Vietnam, I saw in Mui Ne, Phan Thiet is home to many foreigners to come and live. This is also a unique feature of this coastal city. ”

Mui Ne
Mui Ne

West Dannio same clothes boys here said, many foreigners traveling style “each transmission” means the person before going about telling people to go after so Mui Ne large European tourists. They can do business here because of Phan Thiet with pristine beaches, beautiful. As there should the service’s here to make food.

Dannio said, “earn” especially those who have more money, opened the resort, combining catering, teaches surfing, canoeing in the sea. Some foreigners to Mui Ne open foreign language classes for local business people to earn extra income and have money “vibrate” so in his spare time traveling the other domain in Vietnam …

Not only slogged that many foreigners still earn the money to buy land to build houses in Phan Thiet. As husband David Maio and Minh Ha, David to Mui Ne business and meet Minh Ha – a country girl in Ninh Thuan, two people worked meticulously, catering business, now they have bought land and not rented home.

David said: “At first travel to Vietnam, I do not think I’m back up here now. In Vietnam the right is the charm casually. When I decided to stay in this coastal city, worried parents, because they think, a college graduate in the US economy back into Vietnam … sell food. But the difficulties we had to overcome. Moreover here I have many foreign friends from other countries, the spare time I often sit and chat with them to ease the nostalgia “.

In addition to restaurants serving foreign guests, David also participated teach surfing in the sea. He said the business, where to live so hard and just hard luck hard it will come. Currently David and Minh Ha have 5 year old boy, son daily international school in the city of Phan Thiet. He and his wife teach both English and Vietnamese to boys love both cultures of the two countries.

Most prefer to speak Vietnamese and watch the sea

At a clothing shop on Huynh Thuc Khang Street, Ham Tien Ward, Phan Thiet, we met Dannio are selling clothes. In this coastal city, the image of the West boys stand sales, business is not uncommon. Dannio cheerfully boasts, “I have been to Vietnam two years, summer is tourist season from Vietnam, but with a foreigner, in October to their New Year new to Vietnam many to blame the cold. I along with a friend in Vietnam to open chain stores combined silk, brocade skirt for tourists. Working in this seaside city’s most popular Vietnamese is spoken daily and watching the sea … “.

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