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– Phan Thiet is the largest city in the province of BinhThuan, South Central region of Vietnam. Saigon way over 200km. Phan Thiet duocbao surrounded by beautiful beaches. Phan Thiet is known for country specialties mamva beach hotel in Mui Ne.
– Mui Ne is a destination disseminated among Vietnam beaches are a foreigner living in Ho Chi Minh City, as well as a growing number of domestic tourists preferred. Along a distance of 22km from Phan Thiet to motlang Fishing at the tip of the peninsula called Mui Ne with many resorts, hotels from luxury to basic, located right along the beach.
– Local restaurant with fresh haisan cheap and more restaurants and bars serving chokhach tourism.
What to do while in Mui Ne?
– Besides the letter giantren beach, popular activities include golf at the golf course Duneso Ocean Golf Club, an 18-hole golf course in Vietnam designed by NickFaldo or visit the magnificent sand dunes Rom of nearby with a lot of architectural nhungcong bring the 8th century Cham.
– Mui Ne has become the common motdiem for lovers of skiing and kite surfing, with the best wind from November to April, and also one of the few nhungdiem to in Vietnam Male for surfing between August to December.diem-du-lich-mui-ne_du-lich-viet

– Weather in Phan Thiet Lagan same year – hot and dry with average temperatures around 27 degrees. The rainy season begins in May and lasted until October, but the rain is usually mild and infrequent.

How to come to Phan Thiet?

By car or bus:
– The most convenient way to denMui Ne is by car from Ho Chi Minh City – the road is in good condition voimot variety of resorts and restaurants along the way. There are also some tourist buses run routes duongnay, can easily be located in HCMC in the Pham Ngu Lao backpack. The trip will take about 3 to 4 hours drive.

By train:
– The nearest train station is in Muong Phan Thiet nhatvoi Man, 12km west of Phan Thiet, and ThongNhat Express train between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City as well stop here. From Muong Man visitors can continue hoacxe motorcycle bus to Phan Thiet, Mui Ne.

Tips when you come voiMui Ne?
– Most of the resort, indicate so Mui Ne can arrange transportation for your car from HCMC or Nha Trang, but generally will save more if you arrange trips taken. If you’re taking the bus tour open to hoactu Phan Thiet, Mui Ne, be sure to reconfirm your seat for luotve, as announced on your ticket. Buses are often very crowded on weekends VACO you probably will not find a place for themselves.

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