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White Lake is located between the vast sand, like painting the white sand and smooth.

Guests will not be surprised when the climb from the high sand catching a silvery lake under the brilliant sun, the looming pink lotus, peeks out from behind the green leaves create a landscape dreamlike.

White Lake wilderness

65 km from Phan Thiet to the northeast, White Lake is located in Hong Lam village, Hoa Thang commune, Bac Binh district. Guests can come to White Lake by two different supply lines: From Rom Jeep ride, visitors to the car along the road to Mui Ne, Mui Ne marketplaces, so the Red Hills along the beach. Car runs about an hour from Mui Ne is on to White Lake, or from the city of Phan Thiet, along Highway 1 to Liangshan, with fork, about 18km turn right across the barren hills, while high, at lower down, through forests diagrams, lush coconut groves on the dreamy white sand is moving there.

White Lake wilderness

White Lake formed from long, this place was formerly a large lake, later people run sand dam crossing the lake to go through. This large lake which was divided into two parts: primary and higher lake lake.

Due to “Bau” in the local language means “lake” so long ago, local people had called sub lakes Bau Bau Mr. and Mrs. great lake. Bau Bau Mr. Mrs. broader and contains more water. Bau Ba has 70ha area where least 500m wide, average depth of 5 meters, the deepest place of 19m Bau Ba is the rainy season, more toward shore, the more water is running low.

White Lake wilderness

Located between the white sand so she called Bau Bau Trang and today is also commonly known as the Bau Sen by the lotus pool in season, covering an area lake. Bau Sen biota at very rich, there are many types of freshwater fish: perch, catfish, catfish, grass carp …

White Lake wilderness
Lotus pond

The lake is surrounded by white sand with the sun, the wind is endowed makes great beautiful lake. From sandy hill overlooking the lake mirror calm iridescent pink lotus seat, far away from the dark sand dunes undulating up and down that visitors could not help admiring, admiration.

White Lake wild and rustic. But the main focus was pristine and rustic with white sand, the rustle of sea waves were magic enthusiasts attracted to the beauty of this place to find artistic inspiration.

White Lake wilderness

Come to White Lake, visitors can rent a boat of fishermen along the region to explore, walking, fishing will be very interesting. Fresh cool water in White Lake mollified year round hot air of immense sand dunes form a natural setting lyric that anyone coming to this region want to visit.

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