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In addition to typical regional seafood sea, Mui Ne owns rich cuisine and attractions. Some dishes not to be missed when traveling Mui Ne may be mentioned:

1. shrimp cakes of fine flour: This dish has so long in Binh Thuan, Binh Thuan afar visitors often look for it enjoy this cake by tangy unforgettable taste of it.diem-du-lich-mui-ne_du-lich-viet

2. Bread soup: A simple dish, nutritious. Can be served with bread for bread soup dotted with water. There are many types of fish ball soup as bread, noodles sausage.

3. Seafood Salad: Salad with fish, snails gai salad. Fish salad made from fish or fish opaque shell fish fresh streams served with assorted vegetables, noodles and a special sauce. Salad thorn snail, snail meat spikes include only Status, pork, vegetables, onion, roasted peanuts … eat sweet and sour sauce and extremely tasty.

4. Cake base: The original name was wheeled tension, because when ripe bread puffed up. Flat bread made from rice flour, pour into small molds as pie Khot in other provinces of the south, but the other is not coated with oil / fat in the pan. Cakes are “baked” for a disc with nine pairs a chopped onion together.

5. Gone Mui Ne chit fried fish: rice rolled in rice paper chit meat is processed into rolls that additive comes just manioc. Served with peanut sauce nem chua, basil, lettuce salad and fish.

6. The thunderstorm: Characteristics of dunes is the thunderstorm. Thunderstorm live in caves, sand dunes dawn to find food and drink dew night shoots, so that fragrant meat, hunting and sweet, is seen as a tonic. Thunderstorm white meat like chicken, but sweet, fleshy and softer. Thunderstorm meat is processed into dishes such as grilled Thunderstorm, thunderstorms with roasted, steamed thunderstorm, thunderstorm rolls, salad thunderstorms, thunderstorms and thunderstorm cook porridge melon pink, which is also delicious dishes.

7. Rice Paper shrimp sauce: Classified familiar dishes can be found in the road in Phan Thiet and Mui Ne. Rice paper is placed on the stove, add shrimp sauce, quail egg and spices on grilled and rolled very attractive.

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